So you want to be an IT Manager?

This page is dedicated to linking up the articles through the blog that relate to becoming an IT manager. Hopefully they support and evoke on your journey.

Please note this page expands as new articles are posted and I can keep you up to date on changes if you like by supplying your preferred email below.

  • Formal qualifications
  • Academic approach
  • Architecture
  • Programming for an IT Manager
  • Networking
  • Security for an IT Manager
  • Management


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Formal qualifications

Whilst this site offers no formal qualifications it does provide the basics that can support studies in formal courses such as


Academic approach

These articles are focused on the indirect skills learnt by attending university courses.





This section focuses on articles that discuss the physical insides of the computer’s box.






Programming for an IT Manager

Language independent discussions rather language specific issues / solutions.  Stack Overflow takes care of programming specific questions. 🙂


Whilst IT managers must understand programming not every problem needs you to be a coder.






Databases and Data Warehousing

Wooden CubesDatabase save so much time and remove so much programming hassle.  I’m a big fan.



Web programming

For all things HTML related.




For helping people to interact with your solutions






For all levels of inter device communication discussions






Security for an IT Manager

Security overlaps on every area.  These articles focus from the security aspect first.






General Management

Skills in being a manager as opposed to just being an employee.


IT Manager

Management skills and ideas specific to CTOs, CIOs and IT management in general.





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