So you want to be a Contact Centre Manager?

This page is dedicated to linking up the articles through the blog that relate to becoming a Contact Centre Manager. Hopefully theses articles help you?

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  • Career Focused
  • Concepts
  • Management
  • Metrics and business optimisation
  • Quality Management and Performance Reviews
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Technology


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Career Focused

This page whilst not a formal qualification in the area by any means, does seek to support and help those looking for and already in Contact Centre management roles.



The jargon and ideas that form the basis of all modern contact centres.





Some of the skills and ideas that will help you in your role





Metrics and business optimisation

Identifying output and measuring results in any size centre.



Quality Management and Performance Reviews

Improvement with time and developing capabilities.




Human Resources and Training

Key to any contact centre is keeping the troops happy but how?





The kit and how it works to deliver your needs.


They don’t have to be scary and they provide the greatest resource to a contact centre manager even beyond the staff.



Telephony & Communication

The communications tools of a contact centre





QuestioningRegardless of what size centre data and data protection are the biggest head for contact centre managers and keeping up is important.




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