Getting an online presence up and running quickly.

There are many different ways to get yourself online but given today’s modern technologies and a bit of know how will get you a working domain in a matter of hours.

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Get your presence online (About 1 hours work)

The project always needs a name. At this stage for a personal site, getting a unique personal or even business is going to be difficult. So we need to play with names and find something that’s going to be relatively unique.

Dotster, who have had my business for decades at this stage, are the checking of the name. Play away with names till you find something that works for you. After playing around for a few minutes I found philiplacey1 was available at a reasonable price. I found philiplacey for $800+ dollars.

Head off to and get yourself an email address up and running. This is going to be the hook for your communications for all your setup. 60 seconds and you have a powerful free account and a lot more besides. was available. All the combos of philip.lacey, philiplacey etc were taken.

Head back to Dotster and buy your domain name. was what I went for.

I find Hosting Ireland be quite simply RELIABLE for hosting.

With their combined “get an SSL” the setup is amazingly simply and easy. So with two purchases I have secure hosting and a domain name.

There is a tweak on the Hosting Ireland to add the Dotster name servers but that’s it.  The SSL cert can take a while to be made active and attached to your account but that’s it.

Get your social media accounts (20 minutes)

I had a lot of mine already but the list for reference

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

With the new email you go grab the remainders

  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram

So for the moment, they’re main ones and easy enough to secure your name on them.

Get your blogging up and running (1 hour)

So this is where WordPress comes in.  WordPress is by far the easiest to set up and most plugin rich blogging software in the world.

The cPanel of your hosting makes it a few clicks to install.

Then choose a theme to get your look and feel started.



In no time at all, you have your “Hello World!” post and suddenly you go from nothing to something….




All this cost less than $100 to get going and will last a year…. what’s stopping you?  Even if it’s just a placeholder for your book, your business, your idea or your group.

Why not contact me and I’ll get you going?



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