TGIM and finding your Monday motivation.

TGIM, or Thank God It’s Monday is the inspirational cry of the “Hip Hop Preacher” Eric Thomas.  Struggling to find your motivation this morning, start here!

Setting religion aside and just focusing on spirituality, this motivational speaker can help to get your Monday and week on track.


So good morning folks.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  It’s Monday and you have to find your motivation to push hard.

How do you get a TGIM feeling?

You may not need a pick me up.  It’s like saying, I don’t need coffee to get going.  You may be right and never drink coffee.

For the rest of us, a push in the right direction or a strong reminder can be better than the best cup of coffee on Earth.


Before you inspire others, inspire yourself.  This is my coffee and I thought I’d share.

  • Seeing is inspiring
  • Getting it in your ear!
  • A Sense of Fulfillment


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Seeing is inspiring

The Guru Story – As bad as you want to breathe

This was my first introduction to Eric Thomas.  Furthermore I’ve never forgotten the message of this story.


Everybody wants to be a beast


The Gazelle and the Lion


Getting it in your ear!

To get my TGIM started… I put the following on.

Certainly I use my Spotify account just so I can put the following playlist in my ear when I need a push.


A sense of fulfillment and TGIM

Everybody want to be a beast, until it comes to do what beasts do!

A part of being a beast is the hunt.

Consequently a real person in the dark, when no body is watching, is putting in the work.

Most people’s Monday mornings are dark.  As a result people use automation, suffer from tiredness and repetition with a wish the Monday would just pass.

How do you convert “oh no it’s Monday” into TGIM.  How can you make your Monday an amazing start to the week!


Understanding your why is the core of your motivation.  For you to accept your process you need to know your why.

To give your brain the endorphin release that enables you to enjoy what you’re doing, is a conscious decision.

Why are you doing, what you’re doing right now?  Right now you’re reading this article! Why?

If I asked you why are you doing what you’re doing?  What would you say to me?


Furthermore you may be tired.  Also you may be hurting.  Life may hurt.  Life may be black for you.

Find your why.  What needs to be done?  Above all how can you make your why your mission for today?

Time to be the captain of your ship.  Consequently go make your Monday, your week the best week ever.  Start with TGIM.


Best of luck with it and if there’s anything in this article you’d like to chat to me about you can contact me here or on social media.


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