WhereWeLearn.com available from https://wherewelearn.com

WhereWeLearn is a charity.  It is a free online, inclusive, accessible, educational resource.

WhereWeLearn’s engine is a custom software platform.  Philip Lacey conceived, designed, developed and grew the engine.

The articles here discuss aspects of the lifecycle of the project.  The genesis, operation and future of not only the charity but how WhereWeLearn uses the software platform is discussed.

Furthermore there is documentation of the sandboxing of ideas and exploring possibilities.  By founding them in academic research and solid fact they serve as reference points for future growth.

The WhereWeLearn project began in 2018.  It has grown significantly through 2019, and will continue to grow in the coming years.

The software platform uses a variety of technologies, open source solutions and a lot of custom developed, secure code.  Philip Lacey’s technology platform provides the charity with the tools and capabilities needed for true democratisation of learning.

WhereWeLearn is born of the experience of developing software for banking level security solutions.  Furthermore combined with lecturing of technology in university.  Simultaneously salted with the creativity of Philip Lacey.  When combined with the skills and capabilities of teams of helpers, supporters and advisers, the platform offers a new way of experiencing learning.  Furthermore opening the way to enhance traditional learning methods and offer new experiences.

Encompassing different strands of thinking:

  1. Firstly data analytics,
  2. Also the psychologies of learning and motivation,
  3. Considerate of educational pedagogies
  4. Inclusive of modern technological capabilities
  5. Also based in and around global browser capabilities

WhereWeLearn uses technologies to provide a human way to learn.

These WhereWeLearn articles are Philip Lacey’s personal experience.  Furthermore the learning and reference documents help in future discussions and exploring possibilities of using technology in learning.

WhereWeLearn, a global place to learn

Project nameless finally got its name in 2019.  I am proud to introduce, WhereWeLearn Introduction video to WhereWeLearn The introduction video is now available as The original video for the project is available here.   WhereWeLearn’s Vision Delivering to the world the capability in which every human being can experience the joy of education for free in a global context. …