About Philip

This article is about Philip Lacey, an entrepreneur, inventor, software developer, CTO, associate lecturer and consultant

Philip’s Personal History

Born in ’77 in Dublin, Ireland Philip has seen the evolution of the Internet from dial up connections on acoustic couplers to being something no one can live without on a daily basis.

The famously associated Hannibal quote “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”,  “if there is no way, I will make one” is Philip’s motto.  Being told it won’t work, can’t work, will never work is always used as inspiration.

Having seen personal and professional adversity, if you’re not winning you’re learning, so he has learnt a lot and won a lot.  No excuses, his work ethic will make it work.  There is no challenge too big, it just takes longer to make it work.

Timeless support, help and communication and real belief in people is what sets his approach apart.  A teacher is someone who imparts knowledge or instructs and this website is the embodiment of that approach.

Philip’s Professional History

A career that started when he was 12 years old with a Commodore 64.  Quickly evolving to a Commodore Amiga 500.  Computers always “clicked” with Philip.

Since then real world experience has come literally working from the bottom to the top

  • IT support
  • IT trainer and new product introduction
  • Diploma in IT Management
  • IT and Server maintenance
  • IT solutions design and development
  • Contact Centre design and deployment
  • Project management
  • IT management
  • Director
  • Honours Degree in IT Management
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Masters Degree in IT Management (Graduated top of year)
  • IT and Business Consultant
  • IT Associate Lecturer
  • Entrepreneur

Philip has established multiple businesses over 3 decades with the crowning achievement the development of the Enterprise Resource Planning platform called bxp ( https://www.bxpsoftware.com )  CTO, director and shareholder of bxp is the primary focus of Philip’s work.

Teaching, designing and finding solutions to IT challenges is a speciality.

Publishing a blog to provide other IT specialists with starting points and discussions of IT challenges and their solutions is part of that sharing mentality.  If you have a questions he’s only too willing to help out.  Contact him now.